Our scarves can be worn in a variety of fun, fashionable, stylish ways, much like you would hair, All of our scarves are lined with exquisitely soft cotton or are reversible, and come with a matching scrunchie. Losing your hair to chemotherapy or alopecia does not mean you have to lose your sense of style. Point to an image below to explore these styling options.



How To Determine What Size Beaubeau To Order

Using a cloth tape measurer, measure the circumference of your head. Starting at the center of your forehead, place the tape flat against your head and go around your head just above the ears and down the nape of your neck along your natural hairline. Don’t pull the tape too tight!

Use the chart below as a guideline for size. Keep in mind that the “beaubeau” is slightly adjustable by use of the matching scrunchie. If you fall in between sizes, choose the larger size for comfort!!!

If you are taking these measurements before losing your hair, take 1/2 inch off your measurement.

Questions about sizing? Please email: info@4women.com.

Size Chart

Petite/Small: 20″ or less
Small/Medium: 20 – 21 1/2
Medium/Large: 21 1/2 – 22
Large: 22 1/2 or larger

Click here for printable measuring tape!